---ABOUT US---


2002-2006, Speed Mould start with project management for oversea client. Our people understand the requirement and standard and also the working way of European and US client. During these years, we build good & long relationships with the clients we have worked for.

2006-2009, Speed Mould build prototype and production moulds for the clients.

2009-2012, Up on the mould building experience and cooperation with our clients, we realized prototype mould has more advantages than production mould when the mould is build in China.

If the production mould had problem after shipped to client, it would be difficult if the client have to do the repair works by themselves. The prototype and low production mould does not has that problem, because the mould stay in China, we can provide better service after sells, if the mould has problem, we can  do all the repair works in China.

Now Speed Mould focus on the prototype moulds, We use interchangeable mould base and also hand load insert to save the cost.

Speed Mould also a separate team work for low production mould upon clients requirement.